Inclusive European Congress

15 – 18 June 2022 in Zurich was a complete success

The congress in Zurich was a success. It was a great experience for more than 500 participants from 12 countries. With high summer temperatures and bright sunshine, the rich programme offered many opportunities to experience borders and how to overcome them in oneself and others. The aims and hopes of the organisers were fulfilled by far: That the congress could be realised at all and that it was even fully booked. Above all, however, that borders were actually moved. The participants will benefit from their experiences for a long time to come.

In general

Zurich is the venue for an inclusive congress that has been in preparation since 2019. Who would have thought back then that the title „Moving Borders“ would become so topical?

Persons with disabilities often have more to give than is socially recognised and conceded to them. Creating awareness of this and enabling participants to carry this message beyond the boundaries of the congress is an important concern. In this way the congress will also be able to take on a social and political dimension.

“For me, the congress is important to show others that people with a disability can do much more than is always thought.”

Member of the inclusive organising team

After a time of hardship, the four-day event aims to offer encounter, exchange, education and development. Last year, the congress had to be postponed. Now all Covid restrictions have been lifted in Switzerland and we hope for participants from all over Europe.

In the centre of Zurich, the famous „Volkshaus“, 500 beds and all the catering have been booked and organised, along with 25 working groups and a variety of excursions.

A pleasing number of participants from different countries have already registered. You too – who knows when there will be such an event again?